Joan Walker-Nicholson, MHA, BSc (HSA), RM, RN

Mrs. Joan Walker-Nicholson is the Director of Nursing Services at the Kingston Public Hospital, Jamaica. She is the Chair of the Council’s Biennial Committee and is also a member of the Nurses Association of Jamaica (NAJ) Senior Administrative Nursing Group (SANG).

In her capacity as a health professional, Mrs. Walker-Nicholson was among the Ministry of Health’s (MOH) delegation to assist Haitians in the aftermath of the devastating 2010 earthquake. She was also among the Ministry of Health’s delegation to Cuba in June 2016 to assist in the recruitment of specialist nurses for Jamaica. and was selected by the Ministry to participate in workshop in Mexico on the Directional Strategies of Nursing in the countries of the Americas. In 2009 the Ministry of Health selected her to participate in a workshop at the Southern Medical University in China on Hospital Management.

She has also served as Administrative intern to Dave Neff, CEO, Medical University of South Carolina.

Mrs. Walker-Nicholson is a member of the Women’s Fellowship Team at the Meadowbrook United Church where she worships