Third Re-sit Policy (Fourth Sitting)

DATE: May 17, 2021

Approval of a Third Re-sit (Fourth Sitting) of the Nursing Council of Jamaica Qualifying Examinations for Nursing and Midwifery

For the information and guidance of all.

The public is hereby informed that, the Nursing Council of Jamaica (NCJ) has approved a 3rd re-sit (fourth sitting) of the theoretical and practical components of the following registration and enrollment examinations:

  • The Regional Examination for Nurse Registration (RENR)
  • The Examination for Admission to the Register of Midwives
  • The Examination for Admission to the Roll of Assistant Nurses

The public is also advised that the following guidelines shall apply:

  1. Only student nurses, student midwives and pupil assistant nurses who sat and failed the theory or practical examinations from October 2014 and onwards qualify for the 3rd re-sit (fourth sitting).
  2. The implementation dates will be October 2021 (RENR & Midwifery) and November 2021 (Assistant Nursing). However, prospective candidates may opt to sit the examinations at the next sitting, should they need to do so.
  3. Prospective candidates are required to pursue a period of remediation (either theoretical or practical), prior to sitting the RENR, Midwifery/Assistant Nursing Qualifying Examinations.
  4. Candidates are encouraged to contact their schools of nursing for further guidance and assistance regarding the Third Re-sit Policy guidelines.