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What is the cost of biennial renewal

The cost of biennial renewal is J$2000 per licence, so for double trained nurses(Registered Nurse & Registered Midwife) the total cost for renewal is J$4000.

How many C.E Hours are needed for biennial renewal?

Single trained nurses/midwives are required to complete 25 specialty(Nursing/Midwifery) hours and 5 Non-nursing hours. A total of 30 hours.

Double trained nurses are required to complete 25 Nursing hours, 10 specialty (Midwifery/Mental Health) hours and 5 Non-nursing hours. A total of 40 hours.

What are Non-nursing C.E. hours?

Non-nursing hours are considered as topics which are not health related (e.g. Customer Service, Ethics, Fire Safety). Volunteerism is not considered as continuing education (C.E.) hours and therefore cannot be used as Non-nursing hours.