Re: Biennial Relicensure of Nurses and Midwives

The Nurses and Midwives Regulations 1966

 In the Matter of Renewal of Licence to Practise

This is to remind Registered Nurses, Midwives and Enrolled Assistant Nurses licenced under the Act that pursuant to paragraph 56(1) of the Regulations they are required no later than thirty days before the date of expiration of their respective licence to:

  (a)   apply to the Council for renewal of the licence in the form specified in Form 1 of the fourth schedule,

Contract between the Nursing Council and Aeorion Software Development

Dr. Leila McWhinney – Dehaney, Chairman, Nursing Council of Jamaica and Mr. Errol Malcolm Vice President, Finance, Facilities Planning and Management, Northern Caribbean University sign contract between the Council and the Aeorion Software Development Unit, Northern Caribbean University.

The Nursing Council of Jamaica ( the Council) signed a contract with Aeorion Software Development Unit,

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) for Nursing and Midwifery Educators

The Nursing Council has partnered with The Human Employment and Resource Training Trust,
(HEART) in conducting its first workshop on Competency Based Curriculum.
This was held on Monday the 24 th July at the Council’s Office. Participants found this initiative
to be very beneficial for the enrichment of the nursing and midwifery programmes,

Implementation Of Requisite Fee for Each Biennial License

This serves to remind registered nurses, registered midwives and enrolled assistant nurses that The Nurses and Midwives (Amendment) Act, 2005, New Part V11 – Application For Grant And Renewal Of License, Line 56 – “every person who is licensed under the Act shall, not later than thirty days before the date of expiration of that licence –

(c) pay the fee of two thousand dollars (for each license)

Please note that it says license,

Advisory – IUC

To:  All Second, Third and Fourth Year Student Nurses

Mel Nathan College

International University of the Caribbean

From: The Registrar, Nursing Council of Jamaica

Topic: Contact the Nursing Council

Date:  December 5, 2016

The second, third and fourth year student nurses who are INDEXED with the Nursing Council of Jamaica and are CURRENTLY registered with,

Media Release

The Nursing Council of Jamaica (NCJ) is now notifying the public particularly current and prospective nursing students, that it has been obliged to withdraw the approval status it had granted to the International University of the Caribbean (IUC) with respect to the Nursing Programme at Mel Nathan College.

In summary, the factual background is as follows:

  • Since 2013 NCJ has been working with the IUC on the challenges it has been having in complying with the student teacher ratio and the ability to provide suitably qualified persons to deliver the nursing programme.